Discipline of Cardiology

Services in eThekwini Region

King Edward VIII Hospital:   Prof DP Naidoo is also responsible for cardiac consultations at King Edward VIII Hospital (KEH).  Patients from KEH requiring further surgery are referred to IALCH.  Patients who also require management of arrhythmias etc. have to be dealt with at IALCH.


Addington Hospital:  There is a coronary care unit (CCU) at Addington Hospital staffed by a general physician and a registrar who have not had any formal training in cardiology.  Nonetheless they provide a service admitting a large number of patients to the CCU and under difficult circumstances rendering a service.  Echocardiographic facilities are available at Addington Hospital.


R K Khan Hospital:   R K Khan Hospital also has an active coronary care unit staffed by general physicians with no formal training in cardiology.  Echocardiographic facilities are available at this hospital but the necessary expertise is not readily available.

Mahatma Gandhi, Port Shepstone and Prince Mshiyeni Hospitals:  These hospitals are now fully equipped with non-invasive units for cardiac imaging and stress testing and they are manned by a cardiac technologist under the supervision of a visiting cardiologist and trainee.


Grey’s Hospital:  The cardiac unit here is a fully established invasive and non-invasive unit and has close links with the department at IALCH.  Cases selected for surgery and intervention are presented at the IALCH meetings.  See Grey’s Annual Report attached.

From both the above coronary care units complicated patients such as patients with acute myocardial infarction and ongoing chest pain, unstable angina, post-infarction angina, complications of myocardial infarction, or patients with complex arrhythmias are referred on an emergency basis to IALCH and have to be catered for at IALCH.